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The Worrible - Small Stuff Edition !


Artist Andrew Bell teams up with Squishable, Inc to bring you the perfect plush prescription for all your troubles!

Each super soft and squishy Worrible is genetically engineered to be in tune with human anxiety, fear and doubt. Grab one, give it a squeeze (5 seconds or more) and your problems will be absorbed into to the Worrible's own body and subsequently converted into a calming excretion. Repeat whenever overwhelmed.

Fabric and Poly Fill

Approximately 7" around



produced by MUNKY KING


· 3.5 inches tall and comes with acrylic frame, base, peg, and Omi


Inspired by Chinese opera and Japanese Oni masks, Omi takes a traditional form and infuses it with a designer toy aesthetic.


Omi blurs the line between art and toys. Packaged with a clear acrylic frame and removable base, collectors can hang Omi on the wall, connect it with another Omi, or display it as a series on the Omi Wall (sold separately).


Series 1 features such notable artists as Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Nathan Jurevicius, Dave Pressler, Kozik, Buff Monster, Ferg, and Craola.




Meet Mr. Toast and his crew...Joe the egg, Shaky bacon, Clem Lemon, and the newest member of the family Leif the Leaf ! Visit the online store for more information

Blind Boxes filled with the New Despicable Me2 Finger Puppets